Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Words of Wisdom from David Vestal

from a short note, 1/28/12, received today.

"Take a hint from Picasso, who said "I don't search, I find."
Don't go out looking for pictures or you will find them, and they will be pictures by others, which everyone has seen. See what is around you and use it to make your own."

Photograph of David Vestal, Photographer, Bethlehem, Ct., 2009
from "Respecting My Elders" , © Ellen Wallenstein All rights reserved

David Vestal is a Photographer, Educator, Writer, Photo Guru, Awards-Winner, Author of "The Craft of Photography". He presently publishes  finity, a hard-copy newsletter of reviews, wit & substance that subscribers receive by snailmail. Interested parties should write to him at PO Box 309, Bethlehem Ct 06751-0309