Sunday, April 18, 2010

post # 5: teaching ; teachers

teaching photography - light, camera, image.

keeping my sight clear, my mind focused, my heart open.

revealing the information. cherishing the give & take of ideas & energy.

i began teaching photography, in texas in 1978. i was younger than some of my students then; now i am older than most of their parents. i thought i knew everything then; now i know i don't know. what has remained the same is my love and enthusiasm for the process, its history and its magic. and my students.

i learned to teach through examples bad and good: one professor who played manipulative head games, another who took care to be kind and helpful and generous. i learned more from the former but prefer the methods of the latter.

i heard just recently that karma has finally caught up with my "bad" professor- he left in the middle of a semester, without a word. it is said he got caught in an evilly perverted e-mail exchange with a female grad student.

not that it makes up for the egos & careers he shattered along his way, but some justice: the thought of tenured wood, finally burning.

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