Wednesday, January 5, 2011

radio interview

I realize I have not posted anything to this blog since last summer- 6 months is a long time.
Not that I have been sleeping; I've just been busy with life. I expect to post more photographs from my Elders series soon here, with some stories: in the meantime check out the portfolio "80+" on my website.

I was interviewed about that project (and other things) in an hour long interview with Virginia Reed, on her program "A Woman's Perspective"  on PRN, (progressive radio network) that was taped on December 17, 2010. Here is the link to that interview (just click on it- the typo is theirs). It will be archived for three months. Best to listen while doing something else (watering plants, drawing, etc....) - an hour is a long time.
You will note that I have a New York accent.

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