Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Retirement? Not yet…..

I’m a member of  a committee that is looking at applications for a tenure-track position in photography. It takes me back to graduating with my MFA so many years ago and getting a chance to try for that golden ring. 

The competition was slim then - not so many hundreds of graduate degrees - and I was blessed and lucky. I wouldn’t have had a chance in today’s market.

Six years as an assistant professor in a Big University taught me many things but Tenure wasn’t one of them. Unfortunately that merry-go-round threw me off; I wasn’t clear how to hold onto my horse or if I even wanted to.

Now I see that my colleagues from that time have all retired. Not sure if forced or bought out or both but eight at one time and a lovely group show is no coincidence.

A part of me is wistful; if only … but Adjunct is fine as long as I continue to be given classes to teach. I feel I have another ten years  (at least) of teaching in me; it's such a big part of my artistic practice. 
70+ seems a better time to take the money and run. 

But where to run to? I’m there.

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